for Residential Areas, Commercial Spaces, Playgrounds and more

We are the official representatives for Southwest Greens Hawaii on the island of Maui.
Greens is a leader in the artificial grass and artificial turf grass industry, offering the best quality materials on the market. Our artificial turf and synthetic grass as well as our golf putting greens are the perfect addition to your residential or commercial area. We provide custom turf designs and quotes as well as installation.

With our expert construction and installation team, our synthetic lawns, putting greens, pet turfs, sport courts and playgrounds can be installed at your home or business in just a few short weeks. Our installations remain green and pristine year-round no matter the weather and require no watering, fertilizing or mowing… ever!


With the advanced HydroChill Home cooling technology we’ve taken on heat in Hawaii in a smart and easy way. A simple addition to the turf’s infill provides an average cooling range of 30-50 degrees and works naturally when hydrated by irrigation, rainfall or dew!

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Grass and Lawns

We have perfected the art of designing and installing premium synthetic lawns and landscaping. Using the finest synthetic products on the market, we can simulate the look, feel and performance of natural grass in virtually any home or business environment and under the most extreme soil and weather conditions. What’s more, our synthetic turf products never need to be mowed, watered or fertilized to look great 24/7. With Hawaii water rates being the highest in the nation, your synthetic lawn goes a long way to reducing your water bill and helping our environment at the same time. Besides being maintenance free, our lawns are safe for children and pets to play on.


Our synthetic turf materials are great additions for commercial areas. With clients all over Hawaii, our greens have proven time and time again their durability and versatility for commercial applications in Hawaii’s weather conditions. Enhance your existing landscape with easy to maintain artificial turf and grass. Our turf products are environmentally friendly. There’s no harsh chemicals, fertilizers or allergens to worry about. There’s no need for watering, mowing or costly lawn upkeep. Whether you need synthetic turf for putting greens or landscaping purposes, SkyShades Hawaii can deliver. Parks, college campuses, office buildings and more! Our UV resistant, turf and grass can go everywhere! It withstands dry hot conditions as well as wet and cooler temperatures. Contact us today to get your synthetic grass commercial installation! Hawaii water rates being the highest in the nation, your synthetic lawn goes a long way to reducing your water bill and helping our environment at the same time.


Our playground turf products provide for a safe, comfortable and high performance artificial grass surface for a variety of recreational activities for all playground areas. Along with the Brock Safety Pad, they are the perfect alternative to the commonly used pour-in-place rubber product. We are able to offer a longer warranty and an easier to maintain safety surface while helping Hawaii’s keiki play their best, while safeguarding against injuries. Our synthetic turf is IPEMA & ASTM fall height certified, tailored to any slope and contour, with maximum drainage and resistance to bacteria, fungi and chemicals.
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Pet Turf

Our pet turf simulates the look and feel of natural grass while being a 100%-recyclable product and making it the perfect surface for your pets to run and play on. It has a turf backing system based on “Duraflo” technology, which allows for superior flow through rates on drainage. It contains Zeolite Pet Crystal for odor control and helps eliminating dirt and mud tracking into the house. Our Pet Turf is perfect for kennels, backyards or commercial pet resorts.


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