Full Retention Screens

Why Full Retention?

Other solar screens use devices such as bungees, cables or clips to try to restrain the fabric at the bottom edge.

  • Without side retention, the fabric will flap in the wind and move up and down on the cables.
  • What you save on price, you give up in strength and utility. 
  • Once the Hawaii trade winds start blowing, these lighter duty screens have to be rolled up or they will self destruct. 

Higher end solar screens capture or retain the fabric within a side channel to prevent it from blowing around in the wind.

  • The better/stronger the retention system, the more wind the screens can handle and the larger the screens can become.
  • Some competitor brands use what they call a “Shy Zip” system as it involves welding a zipper to the edges of the screen fabric and retaining the zipper into a side channel.
  • We are very familiar with the “Shy Zip” system as we are often called to repair them.

While our system utilizes the same concept, it relies upon a much stronger/larger zipper and side channel insert.

  • We refer to our retention system as a “Full Retention” or SRS (Side Retention System)and you can bet there is nothing “SHY” about our zipper system.
  • It will retain your screen fabric and protect you in any wind conditions that you are comfortable being outside in.

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