Origins’ holistic design encourages children to reconnect with nature through traditional and non-traditional play, blurring the lines between natural and structured play environments.

Children experience the joy of exploring and self-discovery in a safe place while continuing to develop balance, coordination and problem-solving skills.


Origins GardenScapes bring your nature lessons to life. Our GardenScapes elements make it easy to create hands-on learning opportunities about plants and to cultivate environmental awareness throughout your playspace with continual contact with nature.


boudlerOrigins Boulders give kids the experience of a natural play environment, build dexterity and upper-body strength, and enhance essential skills like coordination, balance, and agility. Patented PolyFiberCrete® looks and feels just like real rock with a durable, non-slip surface.


Origins T-Rex & Diggables turn pre- schoolers into pint-sized archeologists as they climb and hide among the giant bones and eggs. SuperdurablePolyFiberCretematerial creates a look of real fossils with a low-maintenance surface that lasts for eons.

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