With a broad selection of awning products, SkyShades Hawaii can help you to create a comfortable outdoor environment. We offer the highest quality of retractable awnings and fabric roofs, all designed to handle the demanding conditions of outdoor life in Hawaii. The intense sun, strong winds and damaging salt air of Hawaii will thoroughly test all outdoor product.
lesser products will fail, our range of retractable awnings and roofs will stand up to the test. We offer a 10-year warranty to back them up.                                                                                                                                    Photo Gallery > 

Sun Protection when you need it – Open skies and starry nights when you don’t!

Our retractable awnings and shade roofs can handle all of your commercial or residential shading needs.
From manually operated awnings to motorized awnings controlled by wireless remote controllers, automation controllers and sun/wind sensors that allow your awning to continue protecting your property without you being there… we offer the best solution for your outdoor space.

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Lateral (Folding) Arm Awnings

A retractable awning or lateral arm awing is entirely supported from a building and is constructed so that the awning cover and supporting frame retract completely against the building. In the retracted position, the awning is relieved from wind or rain pressure. Retractable awning can be mounted on a wall, from the rafters or on the roof.

We offer many different types of lateral arm awnings as every site and shade requirement is different.

Length: up to 40 feet

Projection: up to 13 feet

Telescoping Arm Awnings

When you really need the strongest retractable awnings available or if you have a lower than desired mounting height, you should consider a Telescoping Arm Retractable Awning.

The design and strength of telescoping arms versus traditional lateral arms can handle 25% stronger winds and longer projections. Of course you will need to have a sufficient structural support available to handle these increased loads.

The telescoping arm technology utilizes patented gas pressure cylinders for a constant tension of the fabric at any arm position. Telescoping arms will keep the awning fabric flatter and under more tension, which results in a more streamlined looking awning cover.

Length: up to 39 feet

Projection: 6’-6” up to 16’-5”

Cassette Awnings

We offer Semi-Cassette and Full-Cassette awnings for a modern, elegant look that will protect and increase the lifespan of your awning fabric while adding a streamlined look to compliment your home or building.

Semi-Cassette Awnings

Semi-Cassette awnings encapsulate the fabric roller for added protection and increased lifespan of your awning cover. The front bar cover of the awning is sculpted to fit tightly into an integrated awning cover creating a top seal and protection for your awning cover. While the awnings arms are exposed, they are hidden from view by the fabric valance when not in use.

Length: up to 20 feet

Projections: up to 11’-6


Full-Cassette Awnings

Our Full-Cassette awnings offer the ultimate combination of form and function.The clean lines and slim profiles offer a very appealing look that will blend with any type of building style. The completely sealed cassette housing fully protects both your fabric cover and awning arms, thus guaranteeing a long, low maintenance life for your awning.

Length: up to 20 feet (Special order units to 45 feet in length)

Projections: up to 11’-6”

fullcasette 3

Retractable Fabric Roofs

If you require a larger, more permanent outdoor shade area, we have many options in retractable fabric roofs that will give you the protection that you are looking for. These are perfect for adding a large shade footprint off of your home, for your restaurant or for any outdoor space where you need protection from sun and rain.

If you already have an existing trellis or pergola that is not meeting your shade protections needs, we can design a retractable fabric roof that will fit onto your existing trellis or pergola structure or we can offer a self contained, stand alone unit with it’s own columns and rafters that will attach cleanly to your existing building.


Retractable Awning Options

As the sun is constantly moving throughout the day and when it changes with the seasons, you may want to adjust the angle of your awning to get the maximum protection your retractable awning can provide. We make this easy to do by including a pitch adjustment option for your awning so that you can easily increase or decrease the incline angle (pitch) of your awning with a hand crank. When the sun sets later in the day, or when the sun is lower during the winter months. If you need to drain off a little rain shower, you have the capability to maximize your outdoor comfort with an adjustable pitch awning.

If your retractable awning is exposed to the elements, we recommend a hood cover and end caps to protect your awning and increase the lifespan of the fabric. The awning hood attached with brackets to the torsion bar of your awnings. It goes a long way to keeping the birds away and the sun off our your awning fabric when it is not in use.

Many of our awnings offer the option of incorporating a roll down solar shade that is built into the front bar of your retractable awning. It is useful in locations with western exposure where the late day sun comes in underneath the awning. The user can simply roll down the vertical solar shade with a hand crank blocking the setting sun while retaining their view through the solar fabric.When not in use, simply crank it back up where it is stored inside the front awning bar until you need it again.

Our retractable awnings can either be operated manually or they can be motorized. Most awnings up to 18 feet in length can be operated manually via a hand crank, while larger length awnings and awnings in hard to reach places will require motorization. Another consideration in deciding between a hand crank or a motor is – “ease of use”. While you may not need a motor it sure is a nice touch!It is the most convenient method of operating your awning. A push of the button and in and out it goes.When something is easier to use, you will use it more often and there is no hand crank to store.With a motorized awning you are able to add in automation options such as timers and wind sensors.

Motorized Operation:

Our awnings are powered by Somfy motors and electronics. Somfy is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems for awnings, solar shades, rolling shutters and interior blinds. There are a wide variety of motor sizes and options available to match the particular needs of your retractable awning or situation. The motors are tubular and fit inside the roller tube that holds the awning fabric.The motors are sealed from the elements and Somfy offers a five year warranty on their motors and electronic controls.

We strongly recommend an automatic wind sensor for your motorized retractable awning. Your wind sensor will automatically bring in your awning when the wind hits a preset threshold. This is as an important safety feature to protect your awning should you leave it unattended when the wind picks up in strength. The 24V Wind Sensor is mounted close to the awning locations and must be connected to power. Once powered, it will control multiple motors wirelessly. The 3D Wire Free Sensor is battery powered and does not require electricity.It is discretely mounted to onto each awning.



Sometimes the best or only place to mount your retractable awning is on the roof.To do this we use special constructed roof brackets installed into your roof joists. Your roof mounted awning will need to be motorized and you will also want to consider using an awning hood or perhaps a cassette style awning to protect your awning when not in use.

We believe our retractable awnings and roofs can create the PERFECT solution for your outdoor shade needs

P – for PROTECTION. Create a comfortable and safe outdoor space. Control the sun, rain and wind. Add Privacy if needed.

E – for EXTENDED LIVING.  You have a functional outdoor space that you can now enjoy.

R – for REWARDING.  The sun takes a toll on us and your family and customers will be happy to have a place to escape.

F – for FUNCTIONALITY.  Manual and motorized operation.  Timers, wind and sun sensors make your retractable shade easy to use.

E – for ELEGANCE.  Our wide variety of design styles, fabric and color selections and operation methods will enhance your property.

C – for COST EFFECTIVE. Your return on investment can be achieved through energy savings and the added value to your property.

T  for TIMING.  You are now in control of your outdoor space.  Sun protection when you need it – open skies when you don’t.  


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